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RB Girl アンナの初レポ☆RB Anna chan's first Report from Japan!

Rosebullet Girlのブログをお読みになっている皆さん!こんにちは!
三好アンナです☆ いつもごひいきありがとうございます!!!
Hello to all of you who are reading our blog! My name is Anna Miyoshi.
Thank you for your love and support for rosebullet!

Currently i have been working at all branches of rosebullet. I am sure you have seen me at one of the shops!

Happy (Belated) New Year to everyone!

CNY is just around the corner! Happy New Year to those who are celebrating!

I would love to write about my recent trip to japan (Tokyo)!

My home town is Saitama. it is very near from Tokyo

I took a express bus from Haneda international airport to my hometown.

Day 1, First thing i did is to visit shrine, Hikawa Shrine
この時 温度は3度くらい?めっちゃ寒くてホッカイロたくさん貼ってます 笑
it was about 3 degree! it was very cold and i put lots of "heat pack" on my body!

大宮に来る機会があったらぜひお参りに行ってみてくださいね!(ちなみに大宮ルミネにもRosebulletがありま~す) If you have a chance to come to Omiya (Saitama prefecture) pls visit Hikawa Shrine! (also...there is Rosebullet store in Omiya Lumine!)

After that i went to play some games at game center! this is the latest racing game in Japan! it has 3D glasses! and it was super real! I love cars, driving, F1 etc.... so this was super fun game for me! I wish Singapore game arcades install this too! If anyone see it in Singapore, pls let me know!

次なる目的地は、銀座!「すきやばし 次郎」さんのお寿司を求めてはるばる(笑)銀座まで来ちゃいました。
次郎さんは85歳の現役寿司職人! 国宝?とも呼ばれているそうで、近々、アメリカで次郎さんの伝説をドキュメンタリーにした映画が出るそうです!公開が楽しみです~☆

Second day, i went to Ginza to eat Sushi at Sukiyabashi Jiro! Mr. Jiro is a 85yrs old sushi chef a.k.a "National treasure"! American director made a documentary movie about his life... which should come out in the theater soon! I can not wait to watch the movie.

次郎さん、ご本人に握っていただきました!! (感動~!)
Jiro-san made sushi for us!!! (speechless!)

お寿司は全部で19貫だけ! どれもこれも、すごくすごく美味しかったですっっっ!
They served us only 19 pc of sushi! (Omakase course) lol 
Surprisingly i got full! Especially this sea urchin (uni) was SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD!!!!

with living "national treasure" Jiro san and my mom

予約できなくなってしまうので注意☆ 海外からの予約でドタキャンのケースが多発したため、海外からの予約は受けない!って次郎さんが決めちゃったらしいのです。
Quick Tip: When you want to make a reservation (which I suggest you do) from singapore, if they know that you are calling from singapore and still in Singapore, they will not take your reservation.... Unfortunately they have experienced many "no-shows" resercvation from overseas so Jiro san got fed up and he decided to take reservation only for the customers who are in Japan. Hence, you can ask your friends or family who live in Japan to call and make reservation for you :)

After dinner,,,, we went for coffee and tea....
コートはローズブリット(前シーズンのものですが)*またまた母登場。エレベータの中にて。(The coat is from rosebullet!)

                                                                            Gucci Cafe!


                                              Upon request, they will draw "Gucci" on the drink.
Gucci monogram chocolate! Lovely!

On the third day I went to disney sea! This is my forth time here.
My #1 favorite Disney movie is Aladin! So i was so excited to be on this ride!

それから、初体験の日本でリアルに運転!してみました~ ディズニーシーから六本木まで!
Also, I had a chance to rent a car and drive in Tokyo! I always had license (U.S, Japan and Singapore) but it was my very first time to actually drive in Japan! I was very nervous at first but I was able to drive smoothly and safely! I had so much fun! 

                                             最後の日はまた寿司! ってことで築地へランチ。
                                             Last day in Japan... went to Tsukiji for sushi lunch!

                                              I love Uni~!! (Sea Urchin) うに大好きなんですぅ。

Extra Photo: おまけフォト

I encountered the Mercedez AMG in Harajuku area!
It was awesome!!!! Heard this car is not in Singapore yet.
表参道エリアでこの車に遭遇!かっこよすぎて、オーナーさんの許可をもらって写真撮っちゃいました~。シンガポールには無いんですってね。いやぁー かっこいいです!!!

10年ぶりの真冬の日本、、、楽しかったです☆★ 今度はスノボーに行きたいなぁ。
The next day I came back to Singapore, i had hard time getting myself adjusted to the very hot weather! 
It's been 10yrs since I experienced winter season in Japan... it was a lot of fun! Next time i am hoping to go snow boarding!

 Thank you so much for reading till the end! How was my first entry? I hope you enjoyed it... We will continue to update our entries with lots of interesting topics! Thank you for your support!
During CNY long weekend, MBS shop will be open till midnight (22nd&23rd) and 11pm(24th)! Isetan shops will open on 25th! We hope to see you soon! 旧正月の期間は、MBS店が開いています★(22日と23日は深夜まで。24日は23時まで)伊勢丹は25日からです。ご来店お待ちしております! 

Happy New Year!!!

with lots of love,<3
Anna Miyoshi


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