Monday, 9 January 2012

Girls' Day Out : Nail Pampering

Us girls from Rosebullet Wisma recently visited a nail salon for a long awaited nail pampering. Since we bought groupons, we were entitled to classic manicure and pedicure sessions for half the price (Woohoo!).

Our fashion advisors, Brigitte and Attica with worn out nails and waiting patiently for their turn since there wasn't sufficient staff at that point of time. Qiu Yi was all done and comparing her freshly painted nails with Attica's.

Introducing Joanne from Dip Drops. She decided to come along as well and was the last to get her nails done! Doesn't she look radiant? Who wouldn't, if there were 2 staff attending to you at a time. Ultimate Pampering.

The rest of us were feeling restless while waiting for Joanne and decided to camwhore a little. Please excuse our 'tired' faces as most of us were having a 'dress down' day and didn't have much makeup on.

Priceless photo of Wani eating a burger in the shop! Very unglamorous indeed.

Joanne was finally done with her nails and because the shop was closing, we had to leave. The friendly staff gave her a pair of neon yellow sandals to wear so as not to ruin her pedicure. Yup, we girls definitely had to grab the chance to make fun of her new 'kicks'. :D





While we were leaving, we chanced upon an enormous christmas tree across the road!

Yes, running across the road while snapping a photo. Please do not try this at home.

A photo to prove that we reached the other end of the road safely.

A desperate and failed attempt using the 'selfshot' mode. Haha.

Not forgetting a good ol' Hipster shot!

Us Rosebullet girls from Wisma would like to wish all Rosebullet fans a Happy New Year and we hope you had fun during the Christmas/New Year period. :)

Next stop, Chinese New Year!

With Love,
♥ Rosebullet
Wisma Girls

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