Sunday, 5 February 2012

First Bite of Spring

According to Chinese tradition, yesterday was 立春 - loosely translated into "Beginning of Spring".

To be honest, we only knew about the common Chinese traditions like 元宵节[Yuan Xiao Jie], heh! On a sidenote, get a pot of glutinous rice balls a-cookin' because it's 元宵节 tomorrow!

 Aight, back to the topic of  立春! It's customary to eat spring rolls on that day as it signifies "A Bite of Spring", a belief which will bring about an abundance of harvest for the year. 
So... Vivian got us some Vietnamese fresh spring rolls, called Goi Cuon! (=⌒▽⌒=)
Healthy much? Heh, we're girls after all!
IT WAS SUPER YUMMEH! Especially with the peanut dipping sauce, mmm...!
(*^▽^*) Thank you Vivian!

Appropriately so, we've all immersed into the mood of spring because of all the adorable sherbet pastel shades~ \(^_^)/ Here are some of our key prints and pieces...
 Delicate daisies adorn a babydoll dress, with a square neckline and gentle puffed-shoulder sleeves to add a touch of princess regal.

For those who are going through a floral overdose, here's a unique floral print which lends a well-needed hint of je ne sais quoi. (*^-^)b
Take your pick from an oh-so-chic drop-waist dress with scalloped hem...
or an extremely versatile blouse which looks extremely cute tucked into high-waist bottoms, especially with our new suspender sailor denim shorts.

That's not all - our racks are filled with a myriad of saccharine sweet finds in almost every covetable trend this season! See you soon! (・ω・)/

Love, Peace & Chicken Grease
Rosebullet MBS ✗✗✗

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