Tuesday, 31 December 2013

JEJU island !

Finally had a chance to visit Jeju! Went there in Sep & the weather was perfect for light travelling.

Getting there:

Incheon Airport ---> AREX train ---> Gimpo Airport ---> Domestic flights(Jetstar/Eastar) ---> Jeju!

A good friend of mine recommended me to stay at Tae Gong Gak inn...& it was perfect <3
Hospitality was top notch, room was clean & cosy plus there is free food (yoghurt,instant ramyeon) in the kitchen. You'll feel like you're coming home to a big mansion with many cosy bedrooms.

Once all luggages were dropped off , a driver came to pick us for the SEOGWIPO SUBMARINE (note that you have to book in advance with the inn). It was my first time going on a submarine & I was so excited amidst my sleepiness. If you're the claustrophic type, you'd better think twice about this one.

Was tired after the long travelling but the idea of riding a submarine perked me up!
Inside the submarine which sadly wasn't yellow

Fishes on the other side of the thick glass

beautiful corals and....

A starfish underwater 

There was just too much to see & it's impossible to keep snapping or you'd miss something interesting. So I'll leave the rest up to your imagination!

After this, I HAD TO EAT! The inn recommended this really awesome place just walking distance away... :

This was the portion for two, and it only costs 8000 won per person (less than S$10)

Time seemed to be endless that day. I actually had time to visit the ALIVE museum the very same night too. Many people confuse it with the Trick Eye Musuem but it is NOT THE SAME. ALIVE is newer !
The good thing about ALIVE is that it's also walking distance from the Teddy Bear Museum, Ripley's believe it or not etc. area where you find many POSH hotels!

Many things happened while I was in the musuem...

Got my makeup done

Got my luggage stolen by a big cat

Climbed walls like Mission impossible

And ate Churros.. (starring my rosebullet iphone case :P)  

Started the following day early with a driver picking us up at the inn. It costs around 120k won + 1 meal for the driver for a day's tour. If you do your maths, it's actually very worth it if you have 3-4 people with you. You'll get to visit many more places in comfort.                                       

blessed to see a beautiful rainbow formed at the Jeongbang falls

soesokkak estuary 

volcanic black sand

This rosebullet floral romper was the perfect outfit for such a day because it doesn't restrict movements<3 

Exactly how I pictured Jeju to be, lighthouses!

Waves crashing to shores. In the driver word's "Arumdabda!" which means "Beautiful!"

I think this kind of lighthouse always appear in Korean dramas..haha..

erm...that's me.

Honestly, I don't remember the names of all the places we visited because the driver kindly planned the route for us-_-" 

Seopjikoji..where "All in" was filmed. Never watched that show.

One of the most beautiful spots in my opinion. From here, you can see the Sunrise peak.

With such a magnificent background, I had to get into the frame !!

Lunch was satisfying at a seafood restaurant...As Jeju is near the Sea, their catch is fresh.The seafood soups were heavenly...

seafood pajeon (pancake)! I love to eat Korean pancakes, especially if the crust is crispy.

After eating alot, exercise is much needed -_-"" We took a climb up many stairs to see the much talked about crater of the Sunrise peak.

Paranomic view. Apparently, this used to be an active volcano & is now extinct.

You'll be able to see the Haeneo (海女)performance at the foot of the peak too after you descend the steps.

Made our way to the Manjanggul Cave as our second last stop...It's dark in there so I shall not post any photos. It's quite cooling in the cave, so bring a light jacket if you are visiting.

And lastly, I enjoyed this place the most!!!

It's the Maze where one Running Man race was held at.
There were about 3 mazes & it's fun finding your way out of them.

The Sun was setting at this time..& the rays were beautiful. So decided to be vain & take many photos :D

Yay I've got an OOTD pic in Jeju. Really love how the length of the romper creates an illusion of longer legs plus it is super COMFY! It's still available in stores & is now on 30% off:)

 Mist to make it harder for one to get out of the maze

With the help of a map in hand & some smartness (ahem), we managed to find our way out fast!

Guess who?

By the end of the evening, we were tired out...but who can say no to dinner? ;)

Korean BBQ place recommended by the inn. It was AWESOME really! The complimentary seafood soup & steam egg can make you cry with joy....

It was a fruitful day! Visited 9 places in a day..:)

The next day, we visited the Mysterious Road.

It was indeed "The Last Stop" on my jeju trip before boarding the plane to Seoul.

So what is so mysterious about this road? 
You'll observe that water flows upslope instead of down & cars roll uphill even when out of gear ;)
Go see it for yourself and figure out why!
Of course I couldn't resist an OOTD pic in the middle of the mysterious road ;)
GYPSY tee from Love Girls Market available in rosebullet Wheelock! (It's sold out though:(.. )

Lunch before saying bye bye to Jeju..the Ahjumoni prepared meal truly has the taste of the mother..hehe..

If you intend to plan a trip there , good news is that you don't have to think hard..just roughly browse through the places that will interest you & get a driver who will plan the route according to your interests!  

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!!

Love <3,
the rosebullet OL

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