Sunday, 12 January 2014

Let's Mix and Match!

Konnichiwa rosebullet girls!
Are you girls wondering how to achieve different looks with some of our basic pieces?
Well, let us give you some pretty ideas!

The key features of this look are the mini peplum style of the blouse which makes it very versatile! And the nicely layered tutu skirt with polka dot texture for a very feminine look!

Show some winter feel with this layering!

                                           Our fashion adviser Ya Zhu is wearing
                                                       Blouse With Collar $119  
                                                                Dress  $189
                                                  Ribbon Pumps Heels $229

Transform your look for a more OL inspired get up 
with this high waist pencil skirt.

By the way, this pencil skirt came in different colors
and it is perfect to match with blouses!

not into skirt?... well the blouse looks good with trousers as well!

                                                  High Waist Pencil Skirt $119
                                                      High Waist Pants    $149
                                                                Hand Bag     $99

Here's the blouse in all colors!

For the skirt, you can match it with sweaters as well.
This is a much more casual look!

Maroon Sporty Top With Pocket $109
Maroon Sporty Top With Jewels $129 

This sweaters are from our new arrivals and came with these colors!

It's fun to Mix and Match!
There are more items in the shop to try and we love to show you how!

See you!
XoXo Rosebullet Singapore


jun said...

it's been such a long time since you guys updated. Hope to see new posts soon! <3 xo

Rosebullet said...

Hi there @jun ! Thank you for being an avid reader <3 so touched to know that someone still remembers to check back on this blog! We apologize for not updating regularly. For more constant updates, please follow us on INSTAGRAM - user : rosebulletsg ~ <3