Thursday, 5 December 2013

All prepared for Christmas!

☺♡ Konnichiwa rosebullet readers ☺♡
Its less than a month to Christmas and rosebullet is very excited about it!

rosebullet signage looking kawaii with a Christmas bell ;)

In addition, we got ourselves a "snowing" Christmas tree all the way from France!
The tree is automated in a way that it has 'snow'  falling. The picture does not do it justice..
You must see it to believe it! ☺☺

New window display at rosebullet WISMA - featuring new rosebullet coats that arrived just few days ago!

The coats (featured in Vivi magazine Dec13 issue) come in camel, crimson and navy at $269. 
rosebullet fashion advisor's pick! ♡♥♡♥
Especially crimson - it's perfect for Christmas..
Also at WISMA- the must-have perfect pinafore is here! Another rosebullet fashion advisor's pick, this piece is highly versatile.

Both sides can be worn as the front. It is super easy to style; just wear a simple blouse underneath and you are good to go. ✌✌✌

As shown on our fashion advisor Lovelyn; she is wearing the other side as the front. 
She styled it with a white lace blouse. A very sweet look for an evening date!

That's not all! This pinafore is detachable and can be worn separately as a bralet and skirt. 
ONE item, THREE looks for just $189!

It is available also in camel and black.

Black pinafore matched with the crimson coat that was being featured earlier. 
Nothing can go wrong with crimson and black! A perfect coordinate for those who are planning to travel in cold countries.

Last but not least, we are happy to announce that our long-awaited sales have started! Sales items are up to 50% off! MasterCard and UOB holders are untitled to an extra 10% off total bill (with minimum purchase of two pieces)!

XOXO rosebullet girls

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