Monday, 1 October 2012

Must Have "Many Ways" Blouse!

Hello! rosebullet girls <3

Are you looking for something basic, but unique and different, something no one else has?!

If so, we have a perfect blouse for you from our new Autumn/Winter collection! 

It is a basic item, with possibility of many styles! 

Let me introduce you to our "mix-n-match queen" fashion advisor Vivi (@ MBS branch), who will show you how this magical blouse works!

1. Basic style: You can wear with a shorts like this, or you can wear with long jeans, tuck in skirts (for work) etc... Doesn't Vivi look stunning?!

 you can adjust the sleeves too!

2. CRISS CROSS: find the hidden buttons on the sides and... Voila! Super easy!

3. SIDE DROP:button up one side and let the other side drop! It takes just 5 seconds to change up the look completely!

 4.DROPPY COLLAR: It looks similar to the criss-cross,, but a bit different. You can button around the neckline to create this look!

4+alpha: OFF SHOULDER! Just pull it back a little and you got an "off-shoulder" look!

Which style do you like the most?
Not too sure how to create these styles? No worries!! Our rosebullet fashion advisors will be happy to show you step by step!

Color variations: besides the shimmery navy, we have pink and white!

Please come and check it out :)

P.S How was your weekend?
We wish you all Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
Did you eat lots of moon cakes??? We sure did~! hehe...yum yum :p
We hope to see you soon at the rosebullet shops! 
Have a fantastic week ahead everyone!

rosebullet MBS

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