Sunday, 23 September 2012


Ohayo Gozaimasu rosebullet fan babes!

It's the rosebullet Wisma girl updating for the day ♪(*^∀')人(^ω'*)♪
Sorry for the long hiatus but we're back with an update!

Tap into your basic instinct & stock up on must-have essential tees!
rosebullet must-have tees price ranging from $89 to $159. grin

Here's our fashion advisors in rosebullet's must-have hues this Fall 2012:
We play it rough with statement necklace and hair accessories!

Studded Collar Blouse (Off-white) $139

Also available in Light Pink & Black

Lace Top (White) $119

Also available in Green & Purple

Gossipy Sweater (Off-White) $119
Also available in Pink & Grey

Monochrome Madness:
Metallic Blouse (Silver) $159
Also available in Gold

Turtleneck Top (Silver) $89
Also available in Black, Pink, Off-white

Go Red to Toe:
Lace Peplum Top (Burgundy) $139
Also available in Pink & White

Play in Green:
Lace-In-Stripes Top (Green) $109
Also available in White, Pink, Purple

Royal in Purple:
Lace Top with Chiffon Sleeves (Purple) $119
Also available in Green & White


Thank you babes for reading our little space!
Hope to see you babes decking out in our tops soon!


rosebullet Wisma 


Anonymous said...

Hi, nice tops Rosebullet has. May I know for the lacetop pic, do u sell the skirt? Also for the gossipy top is it tucked in or short? Thanks.

Rosebullet said...

Hi babe! Thanks for your comment! I kindly appreciate it :)

May I know which skirt you are referring to? Because there's 2 pictures taken with the lace top (white) and (purple).

If you are referring to the (white) top, it's actually a skorts (skirt/shorts), and it's available in 3 colours (cream,pink,blue)!

If you are referring to the (purple) top, it's also a pair of skorts that comes in black, pink, cream!

As for the gossipy sweater, it's not tucked in, but it was slightly folded in when worn on the model.

Hope this advice helps you!

Feel free to let me know if you need anything else! :)

Or you could stop by rosebullet Wisma for a closer look!