Tuesday, 16 October 2012

It's been a year since the Onward Fashion Showcase @ Avalon MBS!

Hello readers!

This is the rosebullet OL :)

What were you doing a year ago around this time? We were having a blast at our
First Fashion Show at Avalon MBS!

Time flies...! Here's a recap of the exciting happenings on stage AND behind the scenes.

Beautiful view of Singapore

                                                Me and a friend who came to support

We were overwhelmed by the support of all our fans and the media. While a long line formed outside the club with people registering to get in, it was abit of a frantic backstage.

Here's what was happening behind the scenes:

                                           Grateful for a SUPER Comfy Changing room !
                                          Preps backstage...spot the long line of shoes... <3

Some of you would know, we got our Fashion Advisors (you may have seen them personally in our shops.) to join in the fun on stage! They were "models" for a day.

                           One of our Fashion Advisors getting her makeup done by Majolica Marjoca.

                          Recognise her? This is Anna and you can read her blog entries if you scroll down. :)

                                           Fashion Advisor Nan Nan with her makeup completed.

                               The man behind Onward Kashiyama Singapore accepting an interview
                               with CNA.

                                    Getting excited backstage just before the show begins.

On that day, we invited  "lover-of-all-things-Japanese"  blogger Cheesie to attend the event.
 She was really friendly with no airs. We just met and soon, we whipped out the camera and started snapping away.                           

Later on, Anna came and joined in ...girls will just be.... girls :)

As Cheesie graciously agreed to be our Hair Sponsor Shunji Matsuo's hair model, she got her basic hairdo prepared  first before going on stage.

Looking lovely!

And the show begins....

                                       The very suave Oli Pettigrew as our host for the night.

First up for the rosebullet segment, we had our Fashion Advisors coming on stage, each wearing
a different colour of the popular AW11 knit set!

                                 Little trinklets for the guests ;)

Although they weren't pro models, they did a great job interacting with the crowds. I felt really proud of them and am sure that their big smiles heightened the atmosphere that night.

And the actual rosebullet fashion showcase begins...any favourites? ;)

It was an amazing night and I think that all the hard work was worth it.

So, thank you all who have loved rosebullet then and now :)

The rosebullet OL 


Anonymous said...

The suave host's name is Oli Pettigrew, not Otti. Please make sure names are correct in blog posts so readers are confident about your credibility.

Rosebullet said...

Hi there! Truly appreciate you for pointing that out :) It was a typo; writer was thinking of the next word before finishing with the current word (you know how that happens!). Thank you again, the entry has been edited, cheers!