Friday, 10 August 2012

Happy 47th Birthday, Singapore!

Kon ni chi wa rosebullet fan babes!
It's the rosebullet Wisma girls updating today!

& we would like to do a shoutout to Singapore:
"Happy 47th Birthday!"

rosebullet is having Nation Day Promotion from 8-12Aug 2012
Special Buy (T-Shirt Fair) ranging from $47-$67
VIPs get additonal 10% off with min. purchase of 2 T-shirts!

The rosebullet Wisma girls had fun with photo-taking on National Day!

" Girl Love You" T-shirts

"Betty Boop Love You" T-shirts

" Hug You, Muggin' For Huggin'" Tshirts

" You Rock The Nation" T-shirts

"You/I Love Candy"! Tshirts

"Honey Bunny Love Hamburger" T-shirts

"Desire Come True Hopefully" Open-Arm Batwing T-shirts

"Smiley Face" ☺ T-shirts

"Mr Raccoon Loves Strawberry" Sherbet T-shirts

Thank You for reading this little space of rosebullet!
We hope you have a nice weekend this Nationday Day!

rosebullet Wisma girls

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