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Mt Fuji & Hakone

Hi rosebullet readers,

Today I'd like to share with you on my previous trip to Hakone! It's kind of back dated but I believe it'll interest those of you who would like to see Mt Fuji!

First of all, let me introduce this Japan travel guide website I often visit for easy-to-read information :
(Hakone Travel Guide)

If you clicked on "Hakone Round Course" , you can see more details on how you can travel to and around Hakone on a recommended route! That was what I opted for and I picked a 2 days pass that allows you to travel unlimited times within Hakone over the 2 days! :)

Breakfast before heading off- in rosebullet Angola in preparation to fight the cold.

Embarked on the "Romance Car" at Shinjuku Odakyu station.

 Honestly, I don't know exactly why it's called a romance car since the train in itself is nothing close to romantic. My only guess is the "romantic" sights along the way and the fact that many couples take this train to Hakone for a romantic time ;)!

Views along the way and the little cute boy next seat!

About 1.5 hr later, I arrived at Hakone-Yumoto station to change to the Tozan Railway.


Upon arriving at Gora, I took the Tozan Cablecar.

This "cablecar" brings you upslope. Don't be surprise to see a cablecar which is not like the one we have at Mount Faber. Their cablecar is in fact more like a little train. I learnt that the cablecars we Singaporeans know of is called "Ropeway" in Japan!

Reaching Sounzan 早雲

There, we have the ropeway or what you would call "cablecar"!

Waiting excitedly ! Down Jacket's from rosebullet as well :)

Riding on the ropeway..climbing up.

Up and above!

And this is the point where everyone gasps :)

I think these are mines...

Can you see what I wrote? ;)

Black curry cutlet + Onsen egg = Hakone's specialty.

Yums. Look at that egg.

Enjoying good food face.

You can see the sulphur on the top left corner.

Mount Fuji close(r) up.

Since it was my first time seeing Mt Fuji this close, I couldn't stop snapping away. It was truly magnificent and beautiful. Breath taking. You've got to see it for yourself! Many say that it's often shy and covered by clouds... I was happy to be able to see it on a clear weathered day !

Mt Fuji, you were not shy today ;)


This is the place where you can buy and taste black eggs. Basically the shells are blackened due to the sulphur emitted from the hot pools.

View of Mount Fuji from the ropeway at evening time.

Arrived at my hotel for the night - Hakone Green Plaza hotel.

The women's onsen (hot spring) area within the hotel has a great view of Mt fuji!

Photo taken from

The lobby.

A Japanese styled room which I found to be way too huge. You can opt for a Western styled one for more coziness.
 Dinner & Breakfast are often included if you indicated them when making a booking with the hotel.
 They are served at a restaurant within the hotel. Below are some snapshots of the dishes in my many course dinner!

Waking up to Mt Fuji!

In the afternoon, I made my way to Tozendai where I would board the Pirate Ship that could cruise over Lake Ashi.

Waiting to board the Pirate ship.

  On board, you'll get to enjoy beautiful sights of nature in the cool weather! And again, you'll meet Mt Fuji if the weather is still clear. (I will not post anymore Mt Fuji photos as I guess I have overdosed you on that !)


At Yumoto station yet again to catch the Romance Car back to Shinjuku.

 Of course, there are many other places you can visit in Hakone which I didn't cover in my itinerary.
There's a glass musuem, Gora park and you can even make a trip to the Gotemba outlet factory for some shopping!!!

I hope you enjoyed my sharing on the Mt Fuji + Hakone experience! Do it as a side trip on your next visit to Tokyo :)

The rosebullet OL <3

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