Thursday, 9 August 2012

girl in Autumn 2012

Kon ni chi wa rosebullet fan babes!
It's the rosebullet Wisma girls updating for the day!

rosebullet is here to bring you the 2012 A/W Trend!
The arrival of September means Autumn is near!!
oooooooomg we're so excited! ❀◕‿◕❀

The color code for Autumn is burgundy and black.
A for Awesome/Autumn!

Awesome material Silk & Satin for girls who loves crochet or lace cutouts!

Take a look at the New Autumn Coordinate over at MBS!
Suitable for Singapore's climate at 30°C! Yay!
For delicate and sweet girls ☺

Available in White, Pink, Navy Blue

rosebullet also has the Autumn One-Piece Maxi Dress in floral detailings.
Available in Pink, Yellow, Navy Blue

Autumn also screams monotone colours!
For girls who prefer simplicity and abit of rock 
Top comes with inner tube (so good!)
Available in White/Black, Pink/White, Black, White
Pouffy Skirt is available in Black, Champagne, Grey

New slip-on heels for Autumn 2012!
It comes with studs detailngs!
For girls who have a love for studs!
Available in Brown and Black ♥

rosebullet also has the vintage dress born again!
This time the print has ships, ice cream, sun bed etc..
The prints itself screams Summer trending into Autumn!

Do come on down to rosebullet Wisma & MBS to try rosebullet 2012 A/W wear!
Our fashion advisors will be more than glad to serve you.
See ya babes!

rosebullet Wisma

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