Monday, 30 July 2012

rosebullet's Summer Snap!

Kon ni chi wa rosebullet fan girls!
It's the rosebullet Wisma girls updating!
Here's the new arrivals for the last week of July!
Wanna add a pop of colour to your wardrobe this season?
rosebullet says neon colours is the answer this summer!!

Betty tunic
Available in 3 colours: Neon Pink/Neon Yellow/White
We suggest wearing it over a bikini for a summer look!
You can top it off with a scarf and a hat, and voila!~
You're good to go :)

We <3 Bash crop top
Available in 4 colours: Neon Pink/Neon Orange/Neon yellow/White
and yes, rosebullet loves Bash (also known as Party)!
Come party with rosebullet this summer with your favourite neon colour! ^^

We also have maxi one-pieces and striped T-shirts!

Blue Note Days Maxi One-Piece
Available in 3 colours: Nude/Navy Blue
and beauty follows you...
We paired it with a plaid shirt, neon orange ribbon hair clip, hat and wedges for a more country Japanese look!

For simpler styles this summer, we have the 2-tone glossy stripe T-shirt.
They are available in pink(blue), blue(yellow), green(pink).
It also comes in tunic in these colours: pink, blue, yellow.
We matched it with a pair of light denim shorts,
accessorized it with a navy blue paisley-print headband,
alphabetical necklace and bracelet to complete the entire look!

What's unique about these T-shirts and tunics are that they are glossy at the coloured parts! It's made up of simall circular films to make it shine and outstand under the light. That's why we think it's so suitable for beachwear!

Summer Colors Sandals
Available in Black/Coral/Nude/Cream
These newly arrived wedges has the snap-button at the side which makes it really easy-to-wear!
3 cheers to that!

And yes, we have heels in many varieties for you girls to choose from!
Creepers, wedges, bowler heels...

Other than plaid, we have gingham in the form of a high-waisted skirt.
For girls who wanna go for an old-school cute look :)
Available in black/white and pink/white

And lastly, a photo of rosebullet Wisma fashion advisors putting the pieces together for ya! We hope to see you decking in these summer pieces soon!

rosebullet Wisma girls

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