Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Sweet Days in rosebullet~

Kon ni chi wa rosebullet fan girls! 
This is rosebullet Wisma girls updating for the day! 
The second batch of July's new arrivals has hit all 3 stores!!!

One-Piece Sisters

This week in rosebullet One-Piece Sisters: We have the sweet tulle ballerina dress born again! It comes in 3 colours (pink, champagne, wine red). It is a top seller in Japan so we recommend it for girls who wants to be sweet-looking! The dress comes with a ribbon snap-button belt, so it saves you the trouble from tying! *winks*

We also have the classy-looking chiffon beaded dress in 3 colours (pink, cream and navy blue). We recommend it for ladies who wants to look mature yet enchanting!

Laced with Desire: 
On the left: Lace frill with ribbon belt tunic comes in 3 colours (off-white, yellow, pink) which you can tie on the top itself or over the neck. We paired it with ballerina tulle skorts and gold-tip pink wedges for more girliness. Scroll down for more about the ballerina tulle skorts at the bottom!

On the right: 2-tiered lace tunic with belt comes in 3 colours (off-white, champagne, black). We paired it with light blue denim shorts, gold-tip cream wedges, and Language of Flowers tote bag. Furthermore, this tunic can be worn off-shoulder! Yay!

On the left: Lace halter neck comes in 3 colours (pink, yellow, off-white). You can match with our bowler heels or gold tip ballerina wedges!

On the right: Ballerina tulle skorts comes in 3 colours (pink, champagne, wine red). You can match with our creepers or bowler heels together with stockings!

Here's our Fashion Advisors Ariel-chan and Nan nan-chan looking sweet! 
On Ariel-chan: black crochet bralet, off-white sleeveless chiffon top, and wine red ballerina tulle skorts!
On Nan nan-chan: pink ballerina tulle dress, and gold-tip cream ballerina wedges!

Light blue denim peplum blouse on crochet skirt available in white & black. This blouse also comes in acid-washed effect. We paired it with a pink handbag and gold-tip cream wedges for an extra pop of colour. We also added matching alphabetical necklace and bracelet. :)

Lastly, for Tshirts, we have all types: cropped, baggy, and fitting styles for you girls to choose from! The printed "HUG/kiss", "LOVE/hate", "YOU/me" and "GIRL/boy" are cropped tees! The big lettered words are printed on the front, whereas the small lettered words are printed on the back of the tee. Kawaii~
We've matched it with high waist shorts (blue, yellow, white), paisley printed scarfs (red, grey) and creepers with lace socks! Cute summer style! *peace sign*

So come on down to rosebullet Isetan Wisma Atria
and take a look at our new arrivals!

rosebullet Wisma girls

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