Thursday, 5 July 2012

All American rosebullet style!

Kon ni chi wa rosebullet girls! Sorry for the long hiatus. But here I am to update you with our New Arrivals for July! The 2012 Summer Fashion Issue includes the all-new American girl style, as well as Dreamy Lacy girl theme.

We have T-shirts and scarfs with the American flag print! Cute yes?! The colours of the new items are mostly red and blue are symbolic colours of the American flag. How awesome :) The tie-knot is very popular in Japan and that's why we incorporated it into rosebullet's style too! Instead of the old boring tuck-in style, we did the Japanese tie-knot which is fun and cute! We also have matching alphabetical necklaces and bracelets! (A,K,M,N,R and Y are available)
 *cheers* Do you know that 4th of July was America's Independence Day? Now you know... :)

Oh, and the pink bag can be used as a sling bag or a clutch! That's why we love it! It comes in white and blue as well. We also have red and blue turban-inspired headbands and scarfs which can be seen at the next outfit!

For this outfit, we paired a stripey top together with a tie-dye denim blouse. On top of that, we added the red turban-inspired scarf and 2 alphabet badges! To end of this outfit, we matched it with cream lacy socks and white Creepers. Le Americano~

rosebullet also brings you the Dreamy Lacy girl style! We have the light pink lace dress set that comes in black as well! The white lace top paired with mini denim shorts comes in blue and yellow too! All the soft sherbet pastel colours, you name it, we have it! Yay!~

Dreamy and Lacy... On the left, we have the lace top and bottom set. What's unique about this lace set is that the top has rose buttons at the back and it is also collared! We matched it with gold tip green sherbet pastel wedges. Kawaii ne~ It comes in white and yellow too! There's matching green lacey socks for more cuteness!

On the right, we have the lace layered sleeveless top matched with beige skorts! The awesome part is the material of the lace top is so soft and smooth. It comes in yellow and green too! We have matched it with gold tip pink sherbet pastel wedges. We have matching pink lacey socks as well!

Something special in Rosebullet's new arrivals is our interchangeable collar cardigan which can also be worn as a blouse. You can choose to put on the white lace with pearls or the navy blue polka dot bejeweled peter-pan collar as seen in the above picture. We have matched it with light and dark blue denim flare high-waist jeans for a cute retro look!

Rosebullet's July New Arrivals also includes this cute bracelet! which is also known as "friendship band" in Singapore. In Japan, it is known as a "promise ring" (puromisu ringu). The Japanese girls either make it their own or purchase it. They put it on for a long time and make a wish on it. They believe their wish will come true when the "puromisu ringu" breaks. Awww...kawaii ne!~

So what are you waiting for? Hehe. Come on down to Rosebullet Wisma and get the best fashion advice from our Fashion Advisors! See you girls soon! :D

Rosebullet Wisma

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