Sunday, 25 September 2011

A trip to Rosebullet Japan

Hello readers! Call me the "Rosebullet OL".
In case you're wondering what the above abbreviation means,
it stands for "Office Lady".
Interestingly, this term was coined by the Japanese- オーエル Ōeru for pink collared workers.
However, here in Singapore, "OL" comes with enough power to make you cower.

Not sure if you've been to Rosebullet Japan, but if you've
got a chance to visit Japan, do pop by one of our outlets.

I had the privilege to visit a Rosebullet boutique when I was in Tokyo.

Rosebullet, Shibuya

When I saw it across the street, I almost squealed.
The huge poster looks awesome.

Loved this creative display

If you've visited any of our shops here in Singapore around May this year,
you might have noticed that we had a display of a smaller scale with the same concept. Now you know where the inspiration came from ;)

After *some shopping, nothing beats a nice cosy dinner in the cool spring weather.

*"some" is subjective ;)

If you're looking for somewhere economical and cosy, this is definitely a good choice for Singaporeans who love hot pot or "huo guo" as we call it.

Shabu Shabu buffet at Momo Paradise at less than 2000 yen for 90 mins

Well, don't expect lots of stuff like fishballs and all! Shabu Shabu is simple and yummy with fresh meats and veggies. There are usually 2 types of dipping sauce to choose from -Ponzu (Citrus) or Goma (Black Sesame).
GOMA is my favourite. Goma dressing in Salads rock!

Here at Momo, you can choose to eat Sukiyaki as well.
Big slices of meat, clean environment and indoor air conditioned seating;
these things you DON't get for the same price in Singapore.

Speaking of the cool weather, it was a perfect choice to bring my Navy Rosebullet Trenchcoat <3 Been wanting to wear it since I bought it in hopes of going on a Spring holiday!

Here it is, a perfect casual wear- absolutely love navy coats!

That day, I was lugging my luggages around after checking out from the hotel.

And... I found the good ol' lockers that are present at almost all train stations in Japan, well done!

Check out the touchscreen panel

Japan never fails to amaze me with her advanced technology. Last time, it used to be just drop-a-coin-and-take-the-key (they still have it by the way!). Now, with the touchscreen, you simply use a password instead of a key. So, no more worries of losing your key and hence your luggages. One thing though, don't forget your own password! If you do, then good luck to you;P Haha, but the probability of that is really low since there will be a receipt generated with the password on it. IF you ALSO lose that, then............. ask the station master for help! He may just give you some Meiji chocolate to cheer you up.

RAMEN LOVERS, listen up! If you think you've tasted some good Ramen in Singapore, you are wrong! You really gotta try the Ramen from where it originated from.

Ok, disclaimer: my recommendations are based on my Singaporean tastebuds.

A popular Ramen among tourists will be the Jyangara Ramen at Harajuku.
It's actually nearer Meiji Jingu station. It is not my personal favourite,
but it's pretty good if you're looking for a rich soup stock.


Jyangara Ramen - Spicy Version

Being a Singaporean at heart, I couldn't help but order something spicy.
It is torturous enough eating MacDonalds in Japan without Chilli Sauce!

This was not too bad, but it was so filling! So be sure to do some *exercise after your meal.

*"exercise" = shopping.

And...I am going to reveal my Favourite Ramen of all times.

Ichiran Ramen

I ate it once in Fukuoka and since then, I could never get enough of it.
I don't really know if Japanese find this yummy, but every Singaporean that I recommended this to, they love it! But come to think of it, it was a Japanese shopstaff in Fukuoka who introduced me to Ichiran, so I suppose it should be well liked by Japanese too :)

What I find interesting about this Ramen place is that you can customise your own Ramen - how cooked you want your noodles to be , how oily/thick you want your soup to be etc.

This is the form to fill :) There is an English version too if you ask for it!

Enjoying Heaven on Earth! Don't forget to order the egg as well!

And it was goodbye again to this bright, colourful and exhuberant city of Tokyo. If you've never been there, get set and get going! Japan has one of the most intriguing and colourful culture - you'll love it , I promise ;)

Vibrant Shibuya- see you again!

The Rosebullet OL <3

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