Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Rosebullet Girl Style : Mix and Match #4

It's time for another Mix and Match entry, Rosebullet Girl style. This time, however, we have gotten help from one of our loyal VIPs, Cindy, to be our model. Though the main outfits were picked by us, she managed to incorporate Rosebullet accessories to match her outfit! Very 'Rosebullet' of her indeed!

Doesn't she look absolutely stunning in all of the photos? This is to prove that fashion advisors aren't the only ones who can pull off Rosebullet outfits. :D

This Autumn/Winter, our items cater to a wide range of girls with various styles. Be it flirty, cute or just pure classy, we do hope every girl is able to find a perfect fit. Us, friendly advisors would always be here to help, so don't be shy to approach us!

We would like to thank Cindy for being such a great sport and for her continuous support to Rosebullet. ♥

With Love,
♥ Rosebullet
Wisma Girls

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