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Meeting Lena Fujii in Japan.

Hi all, how have you been ? This is the rosebullet OL back with more stories.

Firstly, I know that the title is Gasp Worthy!

Some time ago in my previous entry, I promised to tell more about my trip to Japan for the rosebullet Spring Summer 2012 exhibition.

It has been my dream to see Lena Fujii in person and I've always wondered if I would have the pleasure of meeting her.

Last December, I took a work trip to rosebullet, Shibuya.

This branch is in Shibuya. To get there, you have to first get to Shibuya train station.
Walk towards 109 men building and straight down Jinnan. After about 5mins walk, you will see Tower Records. rosebullet is just across the small pedestrain crossing.

It is exciting to be one of the first to get a sneak peak at the new season's collection.
I am always very thrilled to be able to view the collection first hand!
If you don't already know, our theme for SS12 is Sweet Sherbet. You'll see many Sherbet coloured items in this collection. In addition, fruit lovers will be delighted to see refreshing prints! 


Trying on the popular Pink stadium jacket. White & Navy available as well. These were almost all snatched up the moment they arrived in store. We still have 2-3 pieces left if you are in time ;)

So yes, I was attending the exhibition when I saw this lady accompanied by a rosebullet Japan staff walk past in a cream coloured thick knit cardigan and big frame spectacles. She was not towering tall as I would have imagined but not short either. Anyway, I did not realise that she was Lena Fuji because she was about 15 metres away.
My HK colleague said to me ," That's Lena." It still didn't occur to me that she was the Lena I was dreaming to meet. "Lena who? You mean from Vivi magazine?", I asked. She said, "yes, Lena who is on our rosebullet poster!"

Lena is not in this photo. It's the photo of the rosebullet staff who was accompanying Lena around while she browsed through our latest collection.

So I contemplated to ask Lena for a photo and I was really nervous..... At first, she was standing in one part of the shop and me in another. I stood tentatively in front of the accessories glass shelf.
This was exactly what I was looking at when suddenly Lena Fujii walked next to me to look at these pretty things. My heart skipped a beat when I realised she was only one inch away from me. I turned my head rigidly and looked straight at her perfect face. She was not wearing much make up and was not her usual dolled up self; however, she still looked very very pretty. What surprised me instantly was that her height and frame was more like that of a normal person you would meet on the street, than that of a ridiculously tall supermodel. I guess that is what makes Japanese models so attractive. They present the practicality of the clothes they wear to the everyday person.

To cut the long story short. I was one inch away from Lena Fujii and  able to stare right at her like a silly fan girl. She did not flinch at all as I suppose she must be so used to people gawping at her.
I couldn't open my mouth to ask for a photo. After all, I was on a work trip. Hence, I missed my chance.
Later, after her purchase at rosebullet, Lena Fujii took a photo with the staff who was escorting her around the shop that night.

Lena then left and got on her bicycle parked outside the shop. At that moment, I felt a pang of regret that I didn't get a photo with her. And I thought, how am I going to share this with the blog readers?? So, in order to reverse any feelings of regret, I told myself that if I ever get to bump into her at future rosebullet exhibitons again, I must go and say hi. I have your support , eh!

The next day, Rola (model on Vivi magazine) came to the shop as well! I didn't get to see her in person but this photo is from our Japan staff.

So, that's my first Lena Fujii encounter. Well, it's ok even if there is no Lena, there is always my favourite Ramen- Ichiran Ramen!!!
I also mentioned this in my first Japan blog post. If you haven't read it, you can click here :

                         This was in Dec when I still had my dip dye fuschia pink ends.
                                                                       The Ramen !
Happy to eat hot Ramen on a cool day.

I've always found this mannequin interesting. My colleagues and I call it "your friends".

On one of the nights when we had company dinner, I had the privilege to visit this really pretty
restaurant. I think it was a French restuarant.
It was really pretty with Swaroski balls hanging from the ceiling.

Where the wine cellar is.

Snow Crab cake dish which was delicious!

Main dish - steak.
I selected choco fondant with ice cream as dessert.

Later, we proceeded to a lounge where you can catch an amazing view of Tokyo Tower.

The lounge. There was live singing accompanied with keyboard!

Sushi by the counter.

Where we sat at... Tokyo tower seems to be leaning...do you know why??
If not, I can tell you in my next blog entry ;)

The beautiful view from the lounge. You can even see the Rainbow bridge from here!


After enjoying this beautiful sight, I had a really sweet and rested sleep that night.

I will be sharing more of my trip experiences, if you'd stay tuned!

Hope you liked it ;)


The rosebullet OL <3

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