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<Rosebullet Girl Anna> 香港HK&マカオMACAU★レポ Report(パート1・Part 1)

ブログをお読みの皆様、ご無沙汰しております★ローズブリット 三好アンナです★   先日、初めて香港とマカオに行って参りました~♪ シンガポールにもう2年も住んでいながら、なかなか行くチャンスがなかったのですが、今回お休みを取って行ってきちゃいました♪
Dearest Readers of the blog, Long time no see!!! I'm Anna Miyoshi from Rosebullet. The other day, I went to HongKong and Macau for the very first time! Before I never had a chance to go there (Though I have living in Singapore for 2yrs already) but this time, I was able to take some off days and Finally made it happen!

下: 飲茶
パンダとペンギンの飲茶なんて可愛すぎませんかぁ~~~??? ちなみに、パンダは甘いカスタードが入っています。ペンギンは、蒸したエビ餃子 です。「好味」(ホウメイ=おいしい)でしたぁ♪♪

One of the main reasons I went to HK is... to eat Dim Sum~!! so, right after i checked in the hotel, I went straight to eat Dim Sum! haha. Are these Pandas and Penguines so adorable??? The Panda has sweet custard inside and the penguine is steam shrimp dumpling! They were very delicious!! 


This building was used as a HK police department and fire department from 1880s to 1996 but now it is used as a shopping mall (for highend brands) and place for people to hang out! The Victorian architectural structure makes me feel like I am in England!

Tsim Sha TsuiエリアにあるThe ONEという(日本ブランドが多く入っている)モールに入っています!

Ta Da~!!!!
I came to HK Rosebullet shop!!
It is in the shopping mall called "The One" in Tsim Sha Tsui!

By the way, the dress I'm wearing is from Rosebullet <3

with HK Rosebullet staff :)

     HK and Macau RB Store Manager, Jasmine-san! She is so pretty!

With Jasmine-san and Cece-chan! (The Spring collection Lace Dress looks soooo cute on her!)

香港 Tsim Sha Tsuiに行く機会があったら、ぜひThe Oneに入っているRBにお立ち寄りください~★
If you have a chance to go to Tsim Sha Tsui, please go check out the RB shop in "The One"!
Our RB sisters of HK, who are fashionable and very friendly will welcome you!

in town, I used MTR to go around places. I also walked a lot... and I was starving~~~!

 上: ババ ガンプってお店ご存知ですか?映画「フォレストガンプ:一期一会」のテーマレストランなんです!香港の”The Peak"に入ってます。私もハワイに住んでいたころ、よく食べに行っていたので、懐かしくてテンション↑↑↑♪♪ ここのストロベリーレモネードは、一番大好きなレモネードですっっ★クラッシュ苺が入っていて、マジで超おいしいですよん!!
Do you know a restaurant "Baba Gump"? It is a theme restaurant of the movie "Forrest Gump"! It is located in "The Peak" in HK island. When I was living in Hawaii, I used to go and eat at this restaurant a lot! so I waa sooo excited to see this restaurant in HK!!! Their Strawberry Lemonade is THE BEST in the world!!!! It has crushed fresh strawberries inside.... and super delicious!!! "die die must try" desu! haha :p

      ブルースリーの怒られちゃいますよね 笑 私のポーズじゃ、カンフーというより、ダンス!?笑

   Along the HK Harbor, there are many interesting statues like this, to commemorate the famous HK movie    stars! I tried to imitate Bruce Lee..... but i am sure he will scold me for not doing it correctly! it looks more like a dance than Kung Fu? lol

To be continued.....(To Part 2!)


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