Wednesday, 31 July 2013

In Bloom!

Konnichiwa rosebullet readers!

Let's show some spirit and love in florals, shall we?!

Today's new arrivals:
Floral Leather Panel Pants $209
Duo-Way Crop Top $129
Mesh Heels $249

Duo-Way Crop Top is available in 4 colours (as seen below)!!!
Black, Orange, Yellow, Off-White

New Arrivals (Left):
Jacket $209
Floral Leather Panel Skirt $169
Floral Dress $209
Floral Leather Panel Pants $209

Special Buy (Right):
Get your WEEKLY Special Buy in both rosebullet Wheelock or Wisma soon!

Other New Arrivals:
Chiffon Romper $159
Available in Yellow, Apricot, Green
For girls who wants to go the lightweight and fluffy dreamy style ^.^

Doesn't this remind you of Sakura Flowers? :*)
It comes in a bralet, skirt, and dress!
Available in Pink, Blue, Green

Criss Cross Ribbon Back Dress $129
Available in Light Pink, Blue, Grey, Black

Get your favorite Autumn Winter 2013 outfit now!

See ya,
rosebullet Singapore

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