Friday, 24 May 2013

Fantastic Cutouts

Konnichiwa rosebullet girls! 
Do you girls know what's 1 of the current SS13 trend in Japan?
Fashion Advisor will tell you about it!
Today's topic is about Cutouts!

Floral Cutout Romper (Yellow, White, Blue) $249
Chiffon material gives a lightweight effect in the body.
2 ribbons will give you a fuller bust line.
Mini cutout just below the ribbons give a little peekaboo!
Plus point! Yellow is the trendy color this SS13!!!

As seen on Lena Fujii in ViVi June 2013:

Floral Cutout Dress (Pink, White, Yellow) 
Chiffon material gives your body a feminine feel.
Gathers at the bust line give a fuller bust look.
Tiny cutout just below the gathers - for a little surprise!
The lining under the floral dress gives a very comfy satin feel! Yay!

As seen on Lena Fujii in ViVi June 2013:
Lena Fujii on the left of ViVi June 2013:
 She's wearing cutout shoulder top in Coral.
Comes in Grey and Black as well! $119

Shorts (Coral Floral, Blue Floral, Grey Floral) $149
It comes in a midi skirt (as seen below) $269 with a huge ribbon too!
The paperbag design helps to cinch the waist, 
thus giving a slimmer waist line! :D
The floral design is extremely unique and eye catching as well!

 Floral Cutout Blouse (Yellow, Coral, White) $169
Pair it with a white high waist shorts to give a sunshine girl vibe!
The material is also light enough for Singapore's sunny weather! ^.^

Cutout Floral Dress $179
This dress is the highlight of SS13!
Very popular when it just arrived Singapore!

As seen on Reina in ViVi Apr 2013:

And this week's new arrival:
Cutout Midi Dress! $279
It has 2 cutouts at the side of the waist.
This will give an illusion of a smaller waist and...a fuller bust line!
What's not to love about this midi dress, girls? ^.^

It's Public Holiday (Vesak Day) today!
There's 15% off min. 2 pieces purchase until 26 May 2013!
Only for 3 days!
Hurry & pick your favourite rosebullet item now! 

Yours Truly,
rosebullet Wheelock

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