Sunday, 21 April 2013

Spring Time Flowers - Love Boat

Spring flowers bring blonde hours, of styling, shopping, dancing and dreaming.

Konnichiwa rosebullet fangirls!

We have a new brand, Love Boat, only exclusively available in rosebullet Wheelock!

Here are some pictures of the style of Love Boat!
Love Boat is a Japanese street style fashion.

Wanna be an edgy girl?

Blazer $149
Tshirt (White, Grey, Black) $59
Fringe Cullocks $99
Hat $59

As the season brings brighter suns and deeper roses, we can open up our creative minds
to do things we've never dreamed of.

Fringe Tshirt $79
Shorts (Blue, Black) $129

Crochet Blouse $99

Tshirt as seen on mannequin (White, Grey, Black) $59

Leopard Hi-Low Skirt $99

You can be a punk little skate girl riding after school and celebrating the spring!

We hope to see you girls donning on Love Boat!

rosebullet Wheelock

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