Friday, 1 March 2013

Melt in Marble Dreams

Konnichiwa rosebullet fangirls!
It's finally March and this spells more Spring new arrivals!

For us girls, there's always a reason to shop even after CNY!

Just look at all these pretty dreamy marble pastels,
you'll never take your eyes off them!

Short Top $69
Skirt $179
Pearls-on-shoulder Jacket $199
Necklace $99
Handbag $119
Booties $239

Bejweled Knit $159
Inner Lace Camisole $59
Cullocks $119
Hat $89
Clear Clutch $99

rosebullet sweet lace dress in Pink, Cream & Navy Blue!
It comes an inner tutu skirt! $239
Headband in Green, Pink, Cream & Yellow $39
Flower Corsage Bracelet $79
Ribbon Heels $229

Super Kawaii!

Short Top $69
Denim Blouse $159
Pants $179
Flower Corsage Sneakers (with removable heel) $239
Hat $89

For girls who want to look different but still dreamy...
in Spring marble colors! 

 Flower Corsage Sneakers (with removable heel) $239
Handbag $119

Clutch Bag $99
So many dreamy colors to choose from!

Booties in all 4 colors!
Pastel Green, Cream, Grey & Black

Polka Dot Stockings $39
Flower Corsage Bracelet $79
Clear Clutch $99

Over the knee socks $39
Crew socks $29
Flower hairclip $49

Come on down to rosebullet Wisma and Marina Bay Sands
and romp through a field of dreams with the Fashion Advisors!

rosebullet Singapore

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