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<Rosebullet Girl Anna>スペイン★Spain レポ Report(パート1・Part 1)

ローズブリット・スタッフ アンナです★
It's been long long time, Rosebullet girls! How have you been doing? This is 
Anna from rosebullet Wisma and MBS!   
Thank you so much for always reading our rosebullet blog!

ご存知の方もいらっしゃるかとは思いますが、私の趣味のひとつは、「旅行」です~!旅行に行くために毎日働いているようなものです 笑
Maybe some of you know already, one of my hobbies is "Traveling"! I can say that I work hard just so that I can go on a trip often! lol

違う国や土地に行って、その土地の文化、人々に出会い、 新しい発見をすることによって、
By Going to a different country or area, I can meet new people, experiece the culture, and have new discoveries! By traveling, I believe I will gain better understanding and knowledge about the world and I can better myself as well.

Today, I would like to share my trip to Spain (Barcelona) in May! I studied Spanish through Highschool and University, but I have never traveled to Spain! So I was so ecstatic about finally going to Spain!
<Die Die Must Go Spots in Barcelona TOP 5>

1.La Boqueria @ La Rambra
It is a huge market!Mostly selling food and so many colorful delicious looking items!
The Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria, often simply referred to as La Boqueria (Catalan pronunciation: is a large public market in the Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain and one of the city's foremost tourist landmarks, with an entrance from La Rambla, not far from the Liceu, Barcelona's opera house. The market has a very diverse selection of goods.(Wikipedia)
There are so many different types of fruits(&Fruit Juice) here and they are super fresh and delicious!
My favorite Sea Urchin were sold here too!! Cheaper than Singapore price!
There are some sashimi packages too!
 卵専門店~ こうやって並べるとすごい可愛い!!
Egg Store! With all kinds of eggs together, it looks so adorable.
Many many many kinds of candies!! The price is set by its weight! I tried few!!

2.Casa Mila (La Pedrera)
Gaudiの作品のひとつで、観光名所でもあるCASA MILA!何が何でもはずせないスポットです!
One of the Gaudi's work and famous tourist spot. You must go check out this house no matter what!

カサ・ミラ(Casa Milà)は、バルセロナグラシア通りにある建築物である。ガウディが54歳の時に設計した。1905年から1907年にかけて実業家のペレ・ミラとその妻ルゼー・セギモンの邸宅として建設された。1984年ユネスコ世界遺産に登録された。

Casa Milà better known as La Pedrera (meaning the 'The Quarry'), is a building designed by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí and built during the years 1905–1910, being considered officially completed in 1912. It is located at 92, Passeig de Gràcia (passeig is Catalan for promenade) in the Eixample district of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.It was a controversial design at the time for the bold forms of the undulating stone facade and wrought iron decoration of the balconies and windows, designed largely by Josep Maria Jujol, who also created some of the plaster ceilings.Architecturally it is considered an innovative work for its steel structure and curtain walls – the façade is self-supporting. Other innovative elements were the construction of underground car parking and separate lifts and stairs for the owners and their servants.In 1984, it was declared World Heritage by UNESCO. The building is made open to the public by the CatalunyaCaixa Foundation, which manages the various exhibitions and activities and visits to the interior and roof.

From outside. It has a very special vibe....that is hard to explain with the words.
The roof top is like this!
View from the empty space in the middle of the house. 
 模型。 This is the whole house.
Each door knob in this house is very unique. Unique tastes in every little details in this house.
Found this at the souvenir area! It looks so natural on me, doesn't it? lol
The front entrance door and the pattern on the wall look very mystical!

3.Casa Batllo
Casa Milaと同様でGaudiの有名な作品!両方見に行かないとバルセロナは語れません!
As well as Casa Mila, this is the famous work of Gaudi! You have to go see both if you go to Barcelona.
カサ・バトリョ(カタルーニャ語:Casa Batlló カザ・バッリョーあるいはカザ・バッジョー)は、スペインバルセロナにあるアントニ・ガウディが手がけた建築物の1つ。2005年ユネスコ世界遺産に登録された。
 Casa Batlló is a building restored by Antoni Gaudí and Josep Maria Jujol, built in 1877 and remodelled in the years 1904–1906; located at 43, Passeig de Gràcia (passeig is Catalan for promenade or avenue), part of the Illa de la Discòrdia (the "Block of Discord") in the Eixample district of Barcelona, Spain. Gaudí's assistants Domènec Sugrañes i Gras, Josep Canaleta y Joan Rubió also contributed to the renovation project. The local name for the building is Casa dels ossos (House of Bones), as it has a visceral, skeletal organic quality. It was originally designed for a middle-class family and situated in a prosperous district of Barcelona.

Actually, the first time i went to Casa Battlo,it was closed to public! So I returned next day. It seems like it is NOT always open to public, so it is better you check beforehand.
The stained glass and interesting shape window are very charming. These are designed to maximize the use of natural light from outside.
I have never seen a ceiling lights like this! So nice!
The design of the tile is so stylish!
 またまた屋上~ Casa Milla同様、屋上にいろいろあります!
I am up on the rooftop again! Same as Casa Milla, there are many unique things up here.

4.Park Guell こちらもGaudiの作品~! ここまでくると、もうGaudiの大ファンです。
This is also Gaudi's work! I am becoming a huge fan of Gaudi already!

グエル公園カタルーニャ語Parc Güell, 英語Park Guell)は、スペインバルセロナにある公園で、バルセロナの街が一望できる。1984年にユネスコ世界遺産に登録された。アントニ・ガウディの作品群の1つである。(Wikipediaより)

でも、普通、観光客が来るのは この有名なエリアだけのようです。
Very big and spacious! The park is too big to walk around and see things in few hours.
However the tourists would normally just come to this particular area of the park..... because...
 Park Guellは、多数の有名な、映画にも出てきますよ~!
This area of park are often appear in the movies! (such as "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" and " L' AUBERGE ESPAGNOLE/Spanish Apartment")
Can you feel the charming and playful atmosphere?
Park Guellのアイコンといったら、ぜったいこのイグアナ!
This Iguana statue is the icon of this park! 

5. Sagrada Familia こちらもGaudi!!! バルセロナはGaudiの町、といっても過言ではないです。
Last but not least..... this is also Gaudi's work! I can say that Barcelona is Gaudi. Gaudi is Barcelona!

 サグラダ・ファミリアは聖家族贖罪教会(カタルーニャ語:Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família)という正式名称を持つバルセロナにあるカトリックバシリカである。日本語では聖家族教会と呼ばれることも多い。(Wikipediaより)

The Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família (English: Basilica and Expiatory Church of the Holy Family; Spanish: Basílica y Templo Expiatorio de la Sagrada Familia), commonly known as the Sagrada Família is a large Roman Catholic church in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí (1852–1926). Although incomplete, the church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site,and in November 2010 was consecrated and proclaimed a minor basilica by Pope Benedict XVI.

In fact, this church is not completed! Although the first construction started in 1882, it is still under construction. Because Gaudi and his assistants passed away already, the current project team imagine their vision based on the remaining drawings of the original artists. It is estimated to be completed in 2026. I would love to go there after it is really completed!

This view must be the most famous. It looks like melting candles.... Very mystical and mysterious!?

Inside the building, the ceiling looks like this. It has different atmosphere from outside.
I love churches with big stained glass like this! I feel so relaxed just by looking at it.
 The bible story is curved into the wall. Very precise detailed art work.... amazing!!
You can take a lift to go up the tower. The view from the top was spectacular~!!!
 し、しかし、、、螺旋階段を下りているのですが、下を見下ろすと、こんな感じで。 超怖っっっっ!
B....But When you go down, you must take the spiral stairs..and it looks like this when you look down. So scary!! I am afraid of heights! 
I am standing on a balcony that is supported only by the piece of stone plate.... (with crack in it!) OMG!
 無事、1階まで下りてくることが出来てホッ♪ 大きな扉には文字の中にJESUSが。
Finally I made it to the first floor.... So relieved. The big door has many words, and JESUS in gold. 

先ほどの、「溶けかけたろうそく」の反対側はこのようなデザインになってます!ぜんぜん雰囲気違いますよね!実は、この日の前日、この前を通りかかったときに 「え?!これがサグラダ・ファミリア?ガイドブックと全然ちがう~~~!もしかして工事で直してしまったのかも!?」とすごくショックを受けました!反対側に居ただけだったという、、、アホな話です。
 This is the opposite side of the "melting candles". It looks completely different, doesn't it? Actually I passed by this area a day before, and I was so shocked that it was totally different from what I saw in the guide book! I thought they must have fixed it already for renovation and I was very sad.... 
Well... the truth was,,, i was just at the wrong side of the building. Haha Silly me!!

ちなみにSagrada Familia は常に混んでいるらしく、入場券を買うだけでも1時間並ぶとか?(スカイツリー並みですね。) ホテルで入場時間設定の前売り券(何時から何時の間に入場)などが買えるので、計画して行かれる事をお勧めいたします!
By the way, Sagrada Familia is always very crowded, and it is not uncommon to wait in line for an hour to get the admission tickets. Usually you can purchase the tickets in advance at hotels. I recommend you to check with your hotel concierge before you go there!

in Part2, I will write about one of the most important reason for my trip "FOOD"! Pls stay tuned! 

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