Thursday, 23 February 2012

rosebullet OL visits Marina Bay Sands

Hi  readers!

Have you heard? The Circle Line Bayfront Station was finally opened last month!
This was really good news for us as the station is just a short walk from rosebullet.

You'll see Hush Puppies upon exiting the station. Walk further down straight and turn left.
It's just a 3 mins walk to our shop. So ladies with heels, no more aching feet :)

So if you haven't been to our shop for awhile now, do try this new route for a much more convenient access.
Personally, I love to visit Marina Bay Sands just for the "atmosphere" there. It's kind of like another world in itself with all the classy looking restaurants like PIZZERIA MOZZA. I must say it's a mall like no other.

This is me , posing like a silly tourist! hehe...

Well, do what the tourists do when you are in a touristy place.

The floral dress was from the rosebullet Spring/Summer 2011collection. Fell in love with it and I love how the length of the dress is short but not indecent. Velvet shoes are from the rosebullet Autumn/Winter 2011 collection.

A piece of secret: Got the Velvet hairband from Shibuya 109 and the Vintage Velvet bag from a roadside flea market - must have belonged to a really hot grandmother!

Speaking of Shibuya 109, I visited Japan last Dec and bumped into someone very very very special...but I have no picture with her to vouch for it :( guess who? :)

Do stay tune for my Japan trip post if you want to catch a glimpse of rosebullet Japan !

The rosebullet OL <3


Anonymous said...

who did you bump into! namie amuro? don't keep us in suspense!

Rosebullet said...

Hehehe, nope :) Not her although I would have loved to! Someone else who is very hot too ! ;)

The rosebullet OL