Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Taiwan Loves!

Hello all!

It's the rosebullet OL again - yes, yours truly.

Right after all the hard work put into our First Fashion Show held at Avalon, I rewarded myself with a family trip to Taiwan in Oct :)

If you were vain like me, you'd be one of those who:

1. Bring ALOT of clothes on your holiday so that you can layer and dress prettily.

2. Save ALOT of luggage space so that you can shop and hopefully, buy something that you can wear ON the trip

3. Do both 1. & 2.

Well, I'm guilty of both. I always bring an extra foldable travel bag in my luggage and this comes in handy when you need the extra space to store your spoils.

If you are looking for an affordable hotel to stay in Taipei, I'd recommend "Rido Hotel".
It's a boutique hotel and is a 10 mins bus ride away from Taipei station.
Cab fare is quite cheap so a ride to Ximending is merely NTD 150 =S$6.

British Glory Theme Room

If you check out their website, you'll see that they have various themes for their rooms. Do remember to book with the internet rate!

I liked the "European Nobles" room as well - it was spacious and comfy! I forgot to add that the rooms had a Jacuzzi and if you call to inform the recep the night before, you get breakfast delivered to your room in the morning :)

Just 1 hour away from Taipei by THSR (Taiwan High Speed Railway), Taichung is a good side trip destination.

A very dear friend of mine who lives in Taichung brought me around!
We went to Lavender Cottage where there were cafes and.... lavender.
I wasn't that into the place - it was basically a hangout for Taiwanese couples on a romantic date. If you visit, do try their Lavender ice cream.

With my friend. Me in one of my favourite Tees - grey rosebullet off shoulder T shirt! Wear a vest over an off shoulder top to create the shoulder peep effect!

A place worth visiting for sight seeing will be "Qing Jing Nong Chang -清境农场".
In anticipation of the many photos we were going to take, I opted for vivid colours.

Into big floppy hats...well, it hides most of your face! We have these in Black, Wine and Brown at rosebullet. I bought the Wine one as well, love it!

The sight you'll expect to see.

Fatties grazing

Feed the sheeps if you dare- They were adorable but very very smelly.

Resting on the meadows is one of the greatest feelings ever.

One of the things I appreciate about Taiwan are themed restaurants like these:

Pumpkin House

Thing (almost) never have to queue even at such quaint restaurants, because there are so many around; a pleasant contrast to the crowds and queues back in Singapore - too many people wanting to eat the same thing (' x ').

The food:

The fun:


The lamb we kidnapped from Qing Jing "清境"...

This Ribbon headband is a must have! I loved it before and am still loving it now.

Do you know that this rosebullet Ribbon headband comes in VELVET wine and midnight blue now? I've a current obsession with all things VELVET- velvet headband, velvet dress, velvet skirt! There is this dress in rosebullet I am eyeing on - velvet on top and lace at the bottom, do check it out too!

Lastly, I'll end with these 2 photos. What is a Taiwan holiday without doing these:


Visit Ximending !

Alright next up, Japan !

The rosebullet OL <3

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